Playing games is interesting, creating them is even more interesting than playing them. Though it is not easy to write game programming codes but the reward is definitely worth the effort. If you have decided to be a game developer, you need to acquire the skills needed and be motivated. Your success in becoming a good game developer depends on many factors. Indeed, gaming industry is challenging and is becoming more competitive day after day, however, your skills will differentiate you from others and make you stand out. You can work with games industry as a full time game developer or make it your leisure pursuit.

Before diving into the gaming industry, you need to look at yourself to know if indeed it is the right place for you. Otherwise, you would not be able to survive amidst the challenges and competitions you are bound to face. The first thing to examine is your passion for games. Do you find it interesting playing games? Most of the expert game developers are game lovers. They got their inspirations from the games they have played.

Another factor to consider is your curiousness about the games industry. You may love to play games but may not be interested in how the games were made. As a beginner in the games industry, you should have the curiousness to know how games are made.

This will be the driving force that will make you explore and dig out new ideas for your own game development.

How many hours are you willing to dedicate to programming? The truth is, video games developers usually work for long hours. If you can’t work for long hours, then this field is not meant for you. That is why passion must be your reason for going into game development. If your motive for becoming a video game developer is to get money, it won’t take you much time to give up due the demand of the industry. Joining the games industry because of the respect you want to earn isn’t enough. You need to have the passion, then, money, respect, and others will follow.


As a beginner, you must have an area of interest or an aspect of developing you want to specialise in. There are several disciplines in gaming industry but the major ones are game programmers, game designers, and character/environment artist. Others include, game testers or game analysts, marketers, engineers, accountants, etc.

Game Programmers

The game programmers are the group of people that write the game codes. They are not involve in the game design or the game story, but they can give ideas as a quota of their own contribution. They usually use programming language such as Java, C+ and C++ for their coding.

Game designers

These are the set of people that design the game or bring together the storylines of the game. It is very rare to see a single game designer that design his own game from scratch. They usually work together in groups. Most of their ideas are from games that they have played before or from movies. Game designers write the game script and ensure that it makes sense.

Character Artists

These group of people are responsible for all graphic work in the game industry. They create characters either in 2D or 3D and also design the game environment. They are also responsible for the animation of the characters.

Conclusively, you must choose which aspect of game development you want to specialise in. Though, some disciplines in game industry do not require formal education; however, if you do not want to become a game developer for your leisure pursuit, it is advisable you acquire more knowledge about the area and preferably a formal education in programming, graphics, etc.

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