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Understanding the responsibilities involved in the recruiting process is the key driver of our company leadership. We invest highly in our staff and training . Our day to day activities are aimed at creating value for our customers with new ways in which to obtain cv’s to fill their staffing needs with processes that limit wasted time and effort with the interview process.

At our main offices here in the Center of London, England, a team of highly qualified recruitment consultants and resourcers work closely with our team leaders. We regularly engage in joint projects with our clients as part of our consistent endeavor to leverage ideas, knowledge, expertise and resources to increase our skills and know-how. Our cooperative projects have resulted in hundreds of successful placements.

Our new office in the USA gives us access to the very best candidates on both sides of the Atlantic and regular collaboration between our locations ensures that we are always at the forefront of each new skill set.

We are always on the look-out for fresh and exciting new talent and we achieve that by speaking to universities and colleges for new up and coming talent. Techeadz continues to co-operate with academic institutes, development clusters as well as partners from different countries in order to bring an outside-in approach. But above all, we develop networks that matter.

Thanks to Techeadz in-house expertise and thorough knowledge of our own technology, our database search engines are mapped for extreme attention to detail. This enables us to match our recruitment methods to your company’s practices.

Local recruitment on a global scale!

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