In days gone by it was commonplace to spend virtually all working hours on your feet. You would be used to constantly walking, twisting, bending, and moving – it is now very normal to spend those hours sitting.

Most modern offices are built around sitting down, especially in the Games Industry. Making phone calls, sending e-mails, sharing files, and even video conferences – all without leaving your chair.

Your body was designed for near constant movement. Anyone that exercises will testify, the body thrives when given opportunity to move in its full range of motion and can struggle when confined in one place or position for extended periods.

When comparing a rural, village lifestyle to the modern-day office environment, we see a large disparity with agricultural professionals sitting for on average only 3 hours per day. Unlike the office worker who sits for up to 15 hours per day.

Studies have shown that an unnatural amount of sitting accounts for negative changes at the molecular level, with at least 24 different chronic diseases and conditions associated with excessive sitting and a sedentary lifestyle.

Lack of movement slows metabolism, promoting fat accumulation, obesity, diabetes and arthritis. It is not good for your mental health, too. People who sit for unnaturally long periods have higher risk of depression.

There’s really no question anymore you’ve got to get up out of your chair. This is quite possibly even more important than regular exercise.

Here are a five ‘Techeadz Tips’ for better health if you work at a computer

It’s easier than you might think, to change your sitting down job into a stand up one.

1. Stand Tall

Your office may already have implemented sit-stand workstations or the increasingly popular treadmill desks. The offices that have embraced these types of workstations report and increase in productivity and less fatigue, drowsiness.

If you don’t, then prop your screen up on a stack of boxes or books, a rubbish bin, anything that raises the height and get on your feet.

2. Move Around

Walk while you’re on the phone, walk to communicate with others in your office (instead of e-mailing), and even conduct walking meetings.

3. Adjust Your Screen Height

Sitting or standing, the top of your computer screen should be at eye level, looking down about 10 degrees to view the screen. If it’s lower, you can cause back and neck pain. If it’s higher, it can cause dry eye syndrome.

4. Align Yourself

Your head should be properly aligned to avoid placing stress on your neck and spine. Avoid craning forward, holding your head upright instead. Making a double chin can help line up your head, neck, and spine.

5. Take Regular Time-outs

Use a timer and set it to go off in 30 minutes. During this time, focus on your work intensely. When it goes off, take 5 minutes to walk around, stretch, etc. This will help you stay productive and avoid burning out.

If you’re still sitting down while reading this… now’s your chance – stand up and make the decision to move more during the day. Start improving your blood sugar and blood pressure levels and lose a few pounds in the process.

Good luck Techeadz!

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